In Preparation

As much as we loved the idea of moving to Seattle last year to be closer to family, we are not adjusting to Seattle’s damp weather.

Since our lease is up at the end of January, we have decided to head to sunshine in a “Calder” way.

First, we drove to South Dakota between Christmas and New Year’s and became South Dakotans by getting new driver’s licenses and registering our vehicles there. South Dakota is friendly to full time Rv’ers including vehicle insurance which dropped by about a third after we got our new license plates.

We are packing up our household belongings, putting them in storage and going to live in our motor home for a few months.

So we spent the last night sleeping on the floor of our bedroom!

We sold Doug’s motorcycle, Fran’s mustang and bought a couple of motorized bicycles. We are heading south and will start by living in Las Vegas for a while to enjoy the sun, dry weather and lower cost of living.  We will continue to work as Doug can fly just about anywhere from Vegas and Fran just needs an internet connection to do her job.

We had a custom built bike rack added to the back of Tigger and it includes two aluminum storage boxes to keep extra toys and things in it.