<h1>About Us</h1> We are high school sweethearts who married way back in 1981. We have moved around more than most military families and have gathered friends from all over in the process. We met in Sooke, BC, lived in both Victoria and Vancouver; moved overseas to South Africa for a few years where Joshua was born in 1987. We returned to Canada and lived in Toronto where Serena was born in 1990. We subsequently lived in Burnaby, BC, Fredericton, NB, back to Burnaby and then immigrated to the United States in 2004 where we lived in Minnesota, Utah, Washington State and Nevada. Our “legal” residence is now South Dakota.  We have traveled to over forty countries (so far). Our children are now grown and we have two beautiful twin grandchildren, named Arya & Cyrus.

Doug was a civil engineer whose career was focused on Quality Management. Fran’s career was mostly in the legal field as a secretary and paralegal.

We both enjoy the outdoors and our wanderlust has taken us many places with even more on the horizon. We bought ourselves a Provan Tiger CX motor home in 2011 which we began calling “home” in early 2014 and it allowed us to go just about anywhere, be completely self-reliant and able to go off the beaten track.  After almost completing our adventures in Latin America in 2020 – these were cut short due to COVID – we returned to the US, sold Tigger and bought a truck/trailer combo.   While we are still able to live off grid, we can’t roam as far off road with our new digs unless we unhitch our “home”.

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