Meet Tigger – Our 1st Rig
Tigger Upgrades
Our Toyota Tundra – First Half
Our Coleman Lantern – The Other Half
Our EU Wheels – Minou
Meet Tigger – Our 1st Rig

June 2011 – we drove to Minnesota from Utah and purchased our 2005 Provan Tiger CX.

The Factory Specs

2005 Provan Tiger Chevrolet 2500HD Ext Cab CX 4wd with 8.1L Vortec V8 16v OHV SEFI Gas Engine and Allison 1000 5 speed automatic transmission.

Our rig has the typical Provan coach set up that has a side door leading to a passenger side fold out couch with storage below. There is a full pass through to truck. There is an over the cab double bed.

On the driver’s side, there is a bathroom with shower, sink & toilet, and a ceiling vent at the back. There is also a galley kitchen including cooktop, double sink, microwave and a 12V fridge/freezer in the middle.

There is a coach mounted Fiamma awning on passenger side, a roof top air conditioning unit at rear, and a Fantastic Fan over bed.

We are the third owners of this rig. We have chosen to call it “Tigger” because it’s bouncy and lots of fun!

Tigger Upgrades

Upgrades Done to “Tigger”

Some of these were done by the original owner, but most by ourselves.

Exterior & Truck Upgrades

  • Volant air intake/filter
  • Onboard air compressor
  • Spare battery with designated triple charger solar panel
  • Aluminess Front Bumper with Brush Guard and Winch
  • Two inch receiver in front bumper
  • Hella driving lights relayed to switch under dashboard
  • Bug Deflector
  • Porch light by cabin door
  • Heavier duty tie rods for off roading; Pro Runner monotube front shocks
  • Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 air bags in rear with jounce bumper
  • 17 Inch Gatlin Liquid Metal Flat Black Alloy Wheels
  • LT 265-70 R17 Class E, 10 ply tires with spare on hitch carrier
  • Anti-sway bar and rear tire spacers
  • Tube side steps
  • Holding tank heaters; switch in coach
  • Skid plates under pans, holding tanks and coach batteries
  • Four 100W solar panels with two 6V batteries (300 amp hours) stored in truck wheel well
  • Hi-lift jack mounted and locked to front bumper
  • Custom built rear rack for 2 storage boxes and 3 Jerry cans, with “step” for access to roof
  • Removed hot water tank for additional storage
  • Covered tankless hot water heater on back with an outside shower attachment
  • Engine wired to charge coach batteries while driving
  • Added hour meter to generator
  • Reflective tape on storage bins on the back for better visibility and on front
  • Aluminess Bumper
  • Removable mosquito/bug screens – “Skeeter Beeters” which allow us to keep cab windows open
  • 2000W Two way transformer to convert 110/220 power
  • Rain gutters over most window to help stop streaking and allow us to open windows wider in the rain

Interior Upgrades

  • Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS HD stereo with DVD player, Bluetooth & MP3 player
  • Tiger striped seat covers with matching steering wheel cover
  • Under floor storage behind front seats to level floor with exception of walk through
  • Ultra efficient 12v Nova Kool fridge/freezer
  • LED coach bulbs and LED motion sensor
  • Canada, US and Mexico provincial/state maps with national park stickers
  • Installed Cyclone plumbing vent to draw holding tank odors into wind
  • Replaced 15″ TV with swivel mounted 19” LCD HDTV flat screen
  • Replaced carpet with vinyl flooring
  • Added latches or magnets to all cupboard doors and drawers
  • Two additional towel rods in bathroom
  • Bathroom floor grate
  • Four mini dehumidifiers distributed throughout coach
  • Removable Mylar for all windows and Fantastic Fan for darkness and climate control
  • Fabric cubby on bathroom floor zip tied to pipes to store larger bathroom items
  • Rubbermaid lockable storage cabinet with three shelves behind driver’s seat; on back side are attached with Velcro: lawn chairs, broom, squeegee and shovel, all accessible from outside
  • Under counter/over fridge pull out shelf for added counter space
  • Bottle opener near front door – a necessity!
  • Indoor/outdoor thermometer – upgraded in 2018
  • Rack on wall over sink for daily necessities in bathroom
  • Two file pockets above coach door to store files and provide white board for notes
  • Hooks on side of exhaust fan to hang wash cloth/gloves
  • Ledges above kitchen blind to hold lighter etc. and under TV for remote
  • Shelf in old hot water tank area for water purifier & storage; insulated the door
  • Custom built cabinet that sits on a small table over a cooler (used as our “library” and back up fridge), with cubbies for cameras and outside hooks for coats
  • Shelves in closet for better use of space including space for table top
  • A 1000W inverter with fan and remote switch
  • Installed a small fan behind the fridge to keep the condenser from overheating in the heat with a switch in the coach above the fridge
  • Had two new bathroom walls replaced due to leaking water
  • Had two living room walls replaced due to water damage
  • Had jerry can holders reconfigured for new plastic containers
    in 2018 had new floor, counters and table tops done

Beefed up Security (before going “south of the border:)

  • “Jimmi Jammer” on driver’s door to prevent lock bumping
  • “Jimmi Jammer” hood guard to prevent opening
  • Heavy duty chain and locks purchased to prevent opening front doors
  • Hasps installed, chain & locks purchased to prevent opening coach door
  • Locking safe compartment for valuables
  • NVR with 4 motion detector cameras & bilingual “smile you’re on camera” stickers
  • NVR secured against theft
  • Locks on almost everything!
  • Fake stereo face plate
  • Theft proof bolts on license plates
  • Tamper proof lug nuts on all tires
  • Laminated copies of license plates to replace real plates to prevent theft
  • Padlocks on front doors

Gallery of Updates

Our “slogan”

Aluminess bumper with high lift jack; bug deflector on hood; spare tire

FOUR solar panels

Cyclone plumbing vent

Location of on demand hot water heater

Outside shower

Velcro help keep sewer inside

New Tiger striped seat covers with matching steering wheel cover

lockable closet behind drivers’ seat

edging on storage cabinet

backside of storage drivers’ side

Cabinet on table over cooler behind passenger seat

Side of Cabinet showing curtain over cubbies for cameras

coat rack on outside of storage passenger side

water purification system

skid plates under grey & black tanks

underside view of skid plates

New Pioneer Stereo & Garmin GPS

fake stereo face plate

cup holder with cigarette lighter power sources

Under floor storage with walk thru

File pockets

lockable storage under floor

19″ TV on swivel mount

Solar Panel monitor

latches on drawers & cupboards

Pull out shelf over fridge

Pull out shelf

Shelving in cupboards

Edging over kitchen window for lighter etc & plastic bag holder

Bathroom floor grate

dehumidifier in bathroom

Two extra towel rakcs

Bars in Medicine Chest

Cubby on BR floor

Shelves in closet

1000W inverter in bottom of closet

Generator Hour metre & starter

Cubbies over door for keys

Provinces & Territories we’ve been to

US map

Mexico map

Our Mascot – always smiling!

fan in front of fridge compressor

switch for fridge fan

fan to help cool inverter when hot

more coach door security

Skeeter Beeters for cab windows – affixed with magnets

Reflectors added to front bumper

While leaving TIgger, we install the Club and a chain between the doors

padlocks on front doors

newly positioned high lift jack

opening for cables to come through from transformer

2018 new flooring

2018 step repaired and new flooring

2018 new table tops

2018 repaired shower floor

2018 new countertop right side

rain gutters

new on demand hot water heater – Sucre, Bolivia

cover over hot water heater to prevent dust

new auxillary battery bought in Sucre, BOL

the solar battery that charges the auxillary battery mounted on front bumper

Tigger gets a speed limit max sign for Argentina

new Jerry cans – our third set….

right side – new headliner

new air bag installed

new upholstery!
Our Toyota Tundra – First Half

After returning from Latin America we decided we wanted (and deserved!) more room. Upon reviewing the options for quite some time (we began before we left) we opted for a truck and trailer (bumper pull). Doug did a great deal of research and we ending up going for a brand new 2021 Toyota Tundra SR 4×4 – this is the “work” model with a double cab and not a huge amount of bells and whistles.

It has a 5.7 L V8 engine that gets 13-17 mpg and has the towing package standard. It’s a six speed automatic with a 60/40 back seat. The only extras we added were a lock for the spare tire and under seat storage in the rear.

Comes standard with AC, Cruise, power mirrors, locks & windows, bucket seats with a seat in the middle that folds down to a console, stereo (with 3 months free Sirius) and a US, port, phone charging ports and two cigarette light ports (one in front and one in the back), tow hitch and hooks and 18″ wheels. Overall, we area very happy.

How We’ve Made it Our Own / Gallery of Updates

Still at the dealer

Under seat storage in back

Its first snow storm

Window visors

floor mats

step across both doors and into the bed

tonneau cover we picked

empty bed

Spray in liner

Tonneau cover installed

OK Plate and Anderson Hitch

Hitch riser

monitor for trailer back up camera

SD plates

mirror extension

Locking gas cap

a little pizazz

passenger side view

seat gap pockets for phones

leather seat covers with lumbar support and pockets
Our Coleman Lantern – The Other Half

Our “new to us” home is a 2019 Coleman Lantern 202RD – it’s 24′ 11″ long from the bumper to the nose of the hitch and has plenty of space for us – especially after living in Tigger for nearly seven years!

We have a walk around queen sized bed (with inside storage underneath) with closets and side tables; a three piece bathroom with a small tub; the kitchen has two sinks, small counters but has an insert to cover the sinks, a three burner stove with an oven and a microwave, large fridge/freezer and a tall pantry, a dinette table (with storage under the benches) as well as a jack knife sofa with more storage room under the left side (right side has the water heater and pump).

In theory, it can sleep 6. The awning is almost the complete length of the trailer and there is a huge pass through storage area up front under the bed.

What We’ve Done to Make it Home / Gallery of Updates

Coleman Lantern 202RD

Door side view

Other side view

Door side from the back

camp set up boondocking

Parked in Araby

Kitchen view looking into dining and living area

Bedroom yes a bedroom!


Kitchen counter view

We added a water purifier

jack knife sofa

Added 12V ports by couch

added a unit by the door for more storage

we added a knife holder

We added a fruit hammock

our kitchen garbage bind

Over the door shoe holder

Over the door towel rack

We “stole” the utility shelf from Tigger

Put clear tape across shelves so things won’t fall out

Cupboards before shelves

much more useful

Added an Anderson hitch

Added a back up camera

Installed the portable solar panel on the roof

Added to more panels

We wired panels to battery

we bought two of these gennies

New wiring in inverter inside

We installed a 1500W inverter

New Soffit

on bumper

We added a new solar power control panel

We added hangers in pass through storage

We added a small table top organizer in dinette

left side of bathroom

organized the medicine chest so things don’t fall out

shower/tub becomes useful storage

SD plated

We beefed up suspension and security

We installed a fake security camera over the door

We added a solar power exterior light

We added a battery monitor

We locked up the propane tanks

Then locked up the batteries

We made front Door curtain

Then a bedroom Curtain

We made a roll up kitchen curtain

Fran’s comfy cushions

Doug’s comfy cushion

We made Dinette curtains

Finshed dinette curtain

Finished living room curtains

We bought a Wi-Fi extender kit

The short extender

The yaggi – a long rage extender

Yaggi set up by trailer

vent cover over bathroom fan/vent

non slip sheet under dinette cushions

back of fridge vents covered with screens to prevent wasps etc from entering

oven vents protected

hot water tank protected

poster in hallway

poster in bathroom

rubber moulding replaced at roof line on awning side
Our EU Wheels – Minou

Our “new to us” European rig is a 2004 Chausson Welcome 22 motorhome. It has only 80K km / 50K mi. It’s built on a Ford Transit chassis with a 2.4 TDE engine and is a manual 5 speed. It measures 6.6m / 21′ 8″ long, 3.1m / 10’2″ tall and 2.2m / 7′ 3″ wide and weights 3500 kg – just at the top end of weight limit in the EU for a regular driver’s license.

This motorhome can sit and sleep 6 on four beds and has a full bathroom with separate shower (toilet is a cassette). It has a full length awning and a large cubby accessed outside and inside.

As it is a used vehicle, it came with a few extras: rear camera, microwave, TV, two satellites (?), one 100 w solar pane, bike rack that holds 4 bikes, two 13 kg propane bottles, 1200w converter and a 140L fridge with freezer. Of course, there are a few things we want to change/upgrade and we hope to do that soon so we can be more self sufficient, i.e. more solar and swap out the propane bottles for a fixed tank.

Naturally it came pretty empty, and although we brought a few things with us from North America, we will have to outfit it almost completely from bedding to dishes to garbage bins!

Our Chausson Welcome 22 / Gallery

Driver’s side view
Coach door side view
back view

view into cab from driver’s side

front dash

driver’s side of dash
looking into cab from inside the camper
cab over bed with ladder from above

cab over bed folded up

cab over bed from front

view into main living area with cab over bed in the background – you can see the curtains that close off the bedroom

cab over bed made

ladder in place to bed; fridge with locking cupboard above

main dinette seats 4
view to back half

cupboards above dinette
open cupboards above dinette
kitchen counter showing covered stove and covered sink
one drawer and two cupboards below kitchen counter

cupboard above fridge that locks and contains microwave and outlets

mirror on wall, closet, hot water tank switch and furnace

upper bunk bed closed up
added mirror to passenger side visor




two 140 amp batteries stored in the left cupboard below the sink on the bottom
newly refinished shower shelf
we added a rod to hang a sheer curtain when door is open to prevent bugs entering but allows air circulation
we added a net cubby above the lower bunk
cassette toilet – door on back of the vehicle under the bike rack

lower bunk when open

lower bunk made up – there is a curtain to create a private space
what it looks like when you open the upper bunk doors – very small spaces to store small things

upper bunk open – there is a netting you can pull open to prevent falling out

shower stall – we refinished the shelf – phot above
bathroom cupboards to the right of the mirror above the toilet

view to back; bathroom door and bunk made up into a table for two

bathroom sink and toilet
toilet turns

19″ TV above locking cupboard over the fridge
another dinette view

outside storage – bottom shelf extends all the way across; this is accessible from under the lower bunk bed inside as well