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Rocky Mountain High: Colorado


I know, I know: Colorado is not in the Midwest but it made this escape a little easier to just add it here. 🙂

It threatened rain as we drove into Kit Carson, CO slowly gaining elevation with every mile. We visited the little museum in town and spent the night parked there without incident.

We continued to climb into Colorado Springs the next morning and did some shopping before visiting the lovely city park called the Garden of the Gods full of lovely rock formations in the beautiful red colour that we love so much. We had been here before but it was worth another stroll as the sky had cleared and it was gorgeous out.

Saturday the 13th we headed even higher into the Rocky Mountains to Vail, Colorado stopping in Breckenridge and Frisco for a bit for a stroll to get some steps; lovely little towns.

In Vail we have a condo for another week and it turned out to be quite nice with great amenities. We have a one bedroom two bath with balcony on the second floor overlooking Gore Creek (which is extremely high this time of year and flowing very fast – almost sounds like the ocean) and we are right across from an outdoor hot tub! It’s run by Marriott Vacation Club and they have daily activities, two pools and 3 hot tubs, a free shuttle into Vail, Lionshead or the shopping area as well as great Wi-Fi and cable for the hockey games

We partook of a walk into Lionshead and a wine & cheese social one day, water aerobics and beer tasting another day; a 4 mile hike up the Berry Picker trail at Lionshead (gondola back down) and an ice cream social another day. We had rain the first three nights but the days were sunny and warm.

On the Friday after skyping with Josh and the grandkids, we headed a little southwest to the White River National Forest where we were attending a Tiger Owner’s rally for the weekend.

The weather was fantastic for the rally. We were up at 9200’ and it was mid 20’s (low 80’s) during the day and quite cool at night – great for sleeping. There were 33 Tigers there and over 60 people. It was cool to tour other people’s rigs and show off our own. We had campfires at night with raffles, small talks in the afternoons of which Doug and I assisted answering questions on full-timing. The very first Tiger ever made was there; a 2015 model and a new version called the Malayan Tiger with a composting toilet. Most of them were Tiger CX’s like our but there were a few Bengals (a taller version of the same RV) and a few older models called Astro.

We left on Sunday morning as Doug was needed in Austin on Monday morning so he flew out for that. Fran stayed in a hotel and on Tuesday we’re flying to Seattle to spend 3 weeks in BC visiting our mothers, other family and some friends and then another week in Ontario to visit our precious grandchildren who turn two on June 26th.