Off We Go…

So finally January 31st arrived. We spent out last night camping out in our house the night before and we met with our landlord for the last time and left heading up to Canada for the weekend. we stopped in for a few hours with Josh, Alyx, Arya & Cyrus before catching the ferry to Vancouver Island to see our mothers and some of Doug’s family. Sunday morning Doug flew to LA and Fran stayed with her mother for the week. Thursday the 6th, Fran went back to the mainland to spend the night with the grandkids.

Doug flew into Seattle Friday morning and Fran met him there and we drove to pick up Tigger. The man who designed and created our storage/bike rack also installed a tankless water heater and a few other little things for us over that week. We then drove both the car and Tigger south to drop off the car at a car storage lot. After stopping at the Mini Storage to put a few more things in, we began our journey south.

As we approached Vancouver, Washington, the snow began to appear on the roadside and then it began to fall as we neared the Oregon border. Our Garmin GPS advised us that traffic in Portland was horrific with an almost two hour slow down so we decided to spend the night at a hotel in Portland. The roads were not great and it was dark. It was a wise decision.

Saturday the 8th, we were up early and continued. Although it was no longer snowing the roads were not cleared. Portland doesn’t get snow often so they don’t have a great deal snow removal equipment. What should have been a two hour drive south to Eugene, OR turned into more like five and we had rain, snow, sleet & ice. South of Salem it was snowing pretty heavy and there were many vehicles off the road. Doug took it easy and we made it through. It cleared before we crossed the border into California, and it was smooth sailing after that. We spent that night in Fallon, NV east of Reno.

Sunday we made it to our RV park in Las Vegas by one. It was sunny and the temperature was 20c/68F and we pulled out our flip flops. We spent the rest of that afternoon organizing our RV and settling in. The park has good internet (via ethernet or wifi), cable, a pool, laundry, a restaurant, showers and is gated.

Doug flew back to LA Monday morning while Fran began working from the RV.