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A Little Cycle Trip

The RV park where we are staying is in North Las Vegas not far from the Nellis Air Force Base.  We have yet to hit the Strip although we have been down that way for other reasons.  We’ve been here a month now and have hung around on weekends most of the time.  Last weekend Fran flew to Seattle, then drove up to Vancouver to see our precious grandchildren for a few days. Josh & Alyx have decided to move to Toronto by the end of the month so she needed a visit before they leave.  They are just past eight months old now and doing well.

Serena has accepted a summer job up in Alaska; she is very excited.  She finishes up at Big Sky, Montana mid April and will be leaving from Seattle on May 9th for about four months.

We had to take our RV in for  a bit of service last Saturday, so we dropped it off and hopped on our motorized bikes towards Lake Mead Boulevard.  Civilization got sparser and sparser and finally we were away from it all.  Didn’t actually too long.  We saw some amazing scenery and were glad for the motors on some of those hills.  Our bicycles have no gears if you ride them just as bikes.  We seemed to have a head wind both directions but the sun was shining and that makes everything good.  🙂

We went as far as the toll entry for the Lake Mead Recreation Area and then turned around.  Barely a mile later Doug’s bike got a flat and that’s when we realized that although we’d brought tools, we forgot a bike pump!  Fran then rode back the rest of the way back towards the city alone while Doug began walking.  She found a bike pump at an auto supply store and  turned around. Luckily our bikes have slime tires and a few pumps and we were back in business.  We stopped at Subway for lunch and then hit a flea market on the way back to the RV.

A beautiful ride on a beautiful day.