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The long awaited week finally came when Doug, our daughter Serena, university chum Pete Gardner and hiking friend Mike Brehm got their chance to hike the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. One of the top hikes in the world, due to its remoteness, ruggedness and beauty. We chose to hike from the harder, south end. It surprised us how rugged it really was. One challenge after another. We were fortunate that the rains didn’t hit us until we reached the “easier” part of the trail. This part of the trail is no picnic either. Only the last 5 kms or so of the trail was easy. We relished seeing the lambs coming to slaughter from the north, all giggly, clean and dry. Mike, a search and rescue volunteer never stopped remarking how surprised he was that the trail was so treacherous and that there weren’t more injuries. Other than scrapes and bruises the only injury was to Doug’s index finger – 10 weeks later and still unable to bend it.