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Deciding to Wait to Sell Next Year – Vegas, Part 3



November 13th, 2020

Doug arrived back at our condo in the mid afternoon and we settled in.  We had been craving burgers the past few days so we googled ‘best burger in Vegas’ and found a place off strip about 3 km / 2 mi away.  We called first to confirm they were open and complying with regulations and when we showed up at 6ish, they were nearly empty (great!) and the tables were well spaced out in certain sections.  They had a patio but no heaters so we opted to eat inside.  Well the burgers were amazing and by the time we were done it was getting busy so we got out of there.

Saturday morning, Fran went out and did some shopping and Doug tried to hunt down the hitch piece we want and sourced some solar panels to add to the trailer’s roof.  We spent the afternoon taking a walk over to Fat Tuesday’s at the MGM to get a Mudslide slushy and had a quiet night in our temporary home.

Doug is concerned with the new hitch we bought in that we cannot get the trailer level and even mounting the hitch in the top section is not doing it.  We’ve tried to move a lot of heavy stuff to the back of the trailer but it still leans forward so we’re going to get a new hitch riser to allow the hitch to sit higher and that should fix that.

The weather is warming again with highs in the low 20’s C / low 70’s F and the sun continues to bless each day.

Sunday, we had another query from a buyer then silence.  Monday was pretty relaxed as we were awaiting items to continuing working on improvements to the trailer and truck before we head south.  We still await confirmation of registration of the two vehicles so we need to hang around here as we need an address for the plates to be sent to.  After lunch we ran a couple of errands and they took longer than expected.  We drove downtown to walk Freemont Street on a Monday while it was less busy but couldn’t find any free parking so abandoned that idea.

Tuesday and Wednesday Doug worked on the trailer and Fran ran errands and did chores.  One of the things he installed was a locking gas cap replacing the standard non-locking one that came with the truck.  Well that appeared to cause some “check engine” light issues so we have now gone back to the standard cap and luckily, Amazon let us return the locking one. (update:  they did.)

Fran went for a haircut at a nearby salon; naturally there is no hair washing or blow drying but it was nice to get done anyway.  She wanted a pedi too, but will wait two weeks before trying that.  The salon was pretty empty and were taking COVID measures.

A few improvements:

A simple water purification system for drinking water:

Rack for one generator and one jerry can on the back of the trailer: (we could add the other one but this way it’s accessible without unmounting it)

Wiring for the inverter going underneath the trailer:

Inverter installed under the couch:

We finally heard that the paperwork for our truck has arrived at Americas Mailbox – we have 4 days left to legally register our vehicle in SD.  The dealer advised us on Monday that it “always” take 20 days to get this paperwork – in this day and age – we find that difficult to believe.  We hope to hear on Thursday that they know the amount we owe so we can courier that amount owed to the county overnight.

Thursday Doug did the work installing a new soffit under the trailer.

We’ve decided to take advantage of another bonus week through our time share and have booked ourselves into the Carriage House again starting Friday which is when we check out of this place.  We will first drive Tigger over to a cheap outdoor storage place in Pahrump for the winter and trying selling it again next spring.

We heard from Americas Mailbox and couriered to them the money orders required to complete the registration – hopefully this gets done on Monday as that is the 30th day of the 30 days in which it must be done……if not, there are fines.

Friday Doug got the new solar charge controller working, hooked up the new riser for the hitch (it helped immensely) and we checked out of the Bluegreen, drove Tigger to Pahrump to put in storage for the winter.


We saw this sad (moronic) scene at a major intersection in Pahrump:

There were about 12 people in total, only one wearing a “chin strap mask” and not sure you can read it in the photo, but one sign said “burn your mask” – all Trump supporters claiming victory.  Insane!

We drove back to the Bluegreen after a stop at Costco for $1.99 a gallon gas (!), hooked up the trailer and moved it to the Carriage House.  It was about 1:30 by now and Fran went to the desk to see if our condo was perhaps ready and it was so we were able to check in early.

The weather has cooled a little with temps only reach high teens C / high 60’s F but the sun continues to shine and we love it.  We have noticed decreasing numbers of people around, fewer cars on the road and there are many hotels closing mid-week due to the rising COVID numbers.  This makes us happier for walking around.  The Bellhop at the Bluegreen told Fran that their usual busy Thanksgiving season looks quite less busy this year.

We spent the afternoon online and then went back to Bar Code Burgers for dinner.  It was super yummy.  It was a little busier than we like when we first got there but we found a good empty corner and within 20 minutes, most of the people left (must have been there just for happy hour).

Our condo this time has a view of the pool area (and the parking area so we can see our vehicles) and after dinner we took advantage of the empty pool area and enjoyed a hot tub.  It’s much quieter on this side as there is no street right next to us.

Saturday we set out in the afternoon to run some errands but got hardly anything due to line ups and the like.

We did drive to the Stratosphere Hotel on the upper end of the strip to see the new arches:

And watched a few “jumpers” off the tower itself:

Sunday Doug enjoyed his best long run in a long time and we hung around the condo doing chores.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we awoke to cooler weather which is supposed to hang round a few days but nothing like the last blast of cold.  Doug worked on the installation of two more solar panels and the accompanying wiring while Fran made us a few more masks (by hand).

We also took advantage to the outdoor hot tub every day this time; not many guests so easier to get an empty hot tub.

Random photo from a walk Fran took of the Linq ferris wheel from the backside:

COVID regulations here in Nevada got stricter beginning on Tuesday: 25% capacity at restaurants with reservations required, bars and casinos also 25% capacity and masks mandatory even outside if you are near people that are not part of your “bubble”.  This is to be in effect for 3 weeks.  We are not really seeing reduced numbers of people around the Strip (but we don’t go there much anyway) but in the last couple of days, there has been more mask use.

Thursday, American Thanksgiving, was pretty darn cool but still sunny.   Since we were alone and had a full kitchen at our disposal, Fran decided to make a Thanksgiving dinner (our first one since beginning to live in the US as we are usually away for a long weekend or somewhere where the “fixing’s” are not available).c

Instead of turkey (‘cause they are TOO big!) we did a small ham, veggies and stuffing and topped it off with a pie!


and the result:

We checked out of our condo here and headed back to the Kings Row campground to await our vehicle plates etc. before leaving Las Vegas.  We got checked in, registered for a week and parked before heading out to grab a bite.

We’ve had a few things to sell lately and we tried Craigslist with no results so someone suggested “OfferUP” and Las Vegas Buy, Sell and Trade.  Well that worked pretty good.  Of the five things we listed, four sold in four days and we have a bite on the fifth but he didn’t shown up then on Monday the 30th, it sold.

As our vehicle registration is not complete, we have booked a second week at the campground.  The weekend was a bit cool but still sunny; Doug bought a used spare tire holder that he hopes to affix to the back bumper around the rack that holds the generator.  Seems it will need some modification as the previous owner beefed up the bumper some as he towed ATV’s with the trailer (must have been a super long load!).   Fran managed to get a zoom meeting in with her sisters and mom.  Mom has been diagnosed with giant arteritis and it’s affected her vision, appetite, makes her exhausted and is affecting her cognitive skills which is not good; she has does have a bladder infection.  She’s been put on a steroid which seems to be helping.

Sunday afternoon we filled the water tank only to discover the water pump was coming on but not pumping.  Doug tried several things to no avail so we’ve ordered a new one.  We had hoped to leave Vegas this coming Friday but without that working, don’t want to as yet.  It is scheduled to arrive Thursday, so with any luck, it will sort the issue and we can leave to warmer climes.

Doug tried to find a way to configure the spare tire carrier but it wasn’t meant to be so instead he rearranged the rack on the back of the trailer and now it carries the tire as well as the gennie and one jerry can.

Monday while out walking to pick up a few things Fran decided that she’s survived the haircut she had two weeks ago and decided to try a pedicure at a place near the grocery store that was not too busy.  By the time it was done, there were a few more customers so she didn’t stick around for the drying part.

We managed to sell the spare tire carrier online for what we paid for it so it wasn’t a total loss.

Doug decided to check the roof and top up and touch up all seals on it.  Then he  installed a “broom” holder type apparatus in our pass through storage which got a few things up on the floor of and makes it easier to get things in and out.

On Wednesday the 2nd, a locking gas door arrived that Doug ordered from Walmart and he spent some time installing that.  It was a hassle to receive it as Walmart shipped it via FedEx, to a general delivery address we provided as we weren’t sure where we’d be when he ordered it.  Well it seems the Post Office does not like FedEx (or other courier shipments) as “their system cannot process the tracking numbers” (?) so Doug had to pay a postage due fee to pick it up.  We let Walmart know this and they provided us with a 15% refund on the item which more than covered the fee!  Good customer service on their part.

Well Thursday came and went without a new water pump (now we’re not so impressed with WalMart) – now they say arriving Saturday; and although we could see online that our trailer had been registered, we couldn’t see the truck so I guess we’re hanging here another week which is disappointing cause the weather is cooling off not warming  up!

Friday Doug got an email saying our plates were ready and that we could schedule a mail shipment so we should have that by Wednesday.  Things are falling into place slowly for us to get out of Vegas.  Seems our truck was registered separately from our other vehicles so that’s why it wasn’t showing up in Fran’s online DMV account.

Saturday we both got some errands done but still NO water pump!  The weather is warming up a bit again but still near freezing at night.  Then Sunday after Doug’s long run, the water pump arrived as well as a number of other items that were expected in a few days.  It went in just fine and it’s all good now.

New shower head:

A tabletop organizer for misc items:

Our mini tree:

So now we are only awaiting two items:  the licence plates which should arrive Wednesday and Doug’s credit card replacement (he’d had a fraudulent charge show up about ten days ago and they have mailed him a new card – in theory should arrive Monday…..).

So Wednesday and Thursday got even warmer:  high teens C, mid-sixties F.  This is great!  Doug’s credit card arrived so we are getting closer to leaving.

One of the things that arrive on Sunday was a Wi-Fi extender/router/repeater.  Fran set it up on Monday and it seemed to be helping us get the Wi-Fi signal better at our site but in the late afternoon, it began to suck.  Tuesday morning it was working a bit better but by late morning it was disconnecting constantly.  She called Tech Support and after some time, it seemed to stay connect until late afternoon again.  We’re not sure if it’s the Wi-Fi here or the unit so we’ll give another try at a different place before asking for a replacement which was an option offered to her on the phone.

Sidebar:  We LOVE our new home!  It’s only 25’ long from bumper to hitch but it has so much space to us in comparison to Tigger.  So much more light, room to move, a comfy couch and a comfy bed.  The dinette is spacious and the cupboards are plentiful.  We appreciate the large fridge that you don’t have to get down on your knees to see inside of; lots of power outlets, a huge TV that gets digital channels when in range (no cable needed), a bigger shower, a bathroom counter and much more.  One of the other great things is how we can take the truck to run errands and not have to take our “entire home”. We’ve made most of the improvements/additions we’ved wanted to do and it’s become homey. This was the right move for us at this time in our lives.  We are grateful to be at a point in our lives where this was possible and still allows us to travel as we want keeping in mind the state of the country. 

Thursday we felt like escaping the area and took a ride down to Fremont Street to walk the “Experience” and grab a refill at Fat Tuesday’s.  It wasn’t crowded but we didn’t stay long.

There is a new hotel on Fremont Street that opened in late October called “Circa”.  It is the tallest building in the downtown area now and the first casino to be built from the ground up on Fremont Street in four decades! It’s located where the Mermaids used to be if you are familiar with Fremont Street. While we didn’t want to wander around, we did want to use a restroom so we checked out the entrance area only and here we saw their Mega Bar (supposedly the longest in the world -mmhh) and the refurbished cowgirl neon sign:

Our package with our license plates STILL has not arrived so we hope it will be here tomorrow so we’ll leave the camp spot by noon which is check out time, and await the mail in the hopes that it shows up – we can wild camp somewhere overnight if it arrives later in the afternoon.

So Friday, we shut down camp and after dumping, went to wait outside the campground office for the mail.  Two minutes later the mail truck arrived and, ta da:


So in case this is our last post before Christmas, we wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas this year.  It will be different but hopefully next year we can all get together, hug each other and celebrated with our families.

Cheers and thanks for continuing to follow  us here at Calderescapes!