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Day Before Surgery

Today was the day to register at hospital and have some blood work taken before tomorrow’s surgery. After completing registration with the front desk we were taken upstairs and Doug donated a bunch of blood vials and had an EKG done again. The nurse then went through the steps of what Doug must do this evening and tomorrow morning and walked us through the timeline of what will occur tomorrow.

We were shown a short film about what happens after surgery and the recovery stage. Xray techs came to get him to get a chest x-ray and then the anesthesiologist came to see us and told us about all the tubes, drugs etc. that will be used. This was followed by a respiratory therapist to explain how after he wakes up, they will begin him using the spirometer to get him breathing and all the gunk out of his lungs after the surgery.

We were sent “home” with special wipes for Doug to use after he showers tonight, his own spirometer and a short list of what to bring with him.

He is expected to be in ICU for 24-48 hours after surgery then moved to his own room where Fran can actually stay overnight if she chooses.

We are optimistic and still amazed how fast this is all happening. Here’s hoping recovery is just as fast. J