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3 Weeks Back in BC


We arrived in Seattle on Sunday am and met up with Serena. We picked up a rental car, loaded up and drove to our mini storage location to drop off a few things and pick up others. Then we picked up our Honda from its storage place. The reason we got a rental was twofold: to get to the Honda and to have a car big enough for the three of us and all of Serena’s stuff.

We parked the Honda in Snoqualmie and all got into the rental car to take Serena to Montana where she is living for the winter. It was nice to spend some time with her. We overnighted in Coeur d’Alene that night, and got to Big Sky, MT in the early afternoon the next day. We got her to her new digs and after a short visit, we turned around and went back to Seattle with an overnight in Spokane.

Tuesday afternoon we crossed the border into Canada and spent the week with our friends, Pat & Therese in North Vancouver. We visited with various friends and family during this week: Kelly, Fran’s former employer; Fran’s sister, Sandra; Doug’s friend, Ken; Uncle Dick & Monique as well as Fran’s cousin, Bryan and his wife, Heidi and their two children, Sean & Molly and Doug’s university pal, Pete. As Doug managed to catch a cold as we got to Vancouver, we did cancel a few potential visits and plan to see those we missed next time. Pat and Therese took us kayaking up towards Deep Cove and spent a day down in Steveston, Richmond checking out the Georgia Cannery National Historic Site and surrounding area including Fisherman’s Wharf where we bought fresh ling cod for dinner. Therese and Fran also spent an afternoon on Granville Island.

Wednesday the 22nd, we caught the ferry to Vancouver Island where were stayed in Victoria for eight nights; Fran with her mom (she only has a one bedroom condo) and Doug stayed with his bro, D’Arcy. We managed to fit in visits with Doug’s sister, Dana and her husband, Mark; our longtime friends, Ted and Trish and Doug’s Uncle Dave, Auntie Marlene and his cousin Marnie. Fran’s mom had her second cataract surgery and all went well.

We left Victoria on Thursday the 30th and headed back to the mainland where we met up with more longtime friends, Chris & Irene for the night. Halloween had us returning our Honda to storage after picking up another rental, another quick stop at our storage unit and spending that night at a hotel in Olympia, Washington.

Saturday we caught our flight back to Philly to the hotel where Tigger was parked. Next stop: New Jersey again.